Kamis, 18 Januari 2018

Kumpulan E-Book 11

As the continuity of the e-book that we have previously uploaded, this time, first month of 2018 we provide you with another 10 English books on structures.
They may be used as references and have been licensed for only educational purposes. Here is a list of books you can download. Hopefully they can give beneficial concept for us. Simply click on the following link.

Book list:
  1. Aluminium Design and Construction (year 1999, 301 pages)
  2. Construction Building Envelope and Interior Finishes Databook (year 2001, 881 pages)
  3. Construction Economics (year 2004, 312 pages)
  4. Construction of Marine and Offshore Structures (year 2000, 653 pages)
  5. Light Weight Steel and Aluminium Structures (year 1999, 895pages)
  6. Metal Building Systems Design and Specifications (year 2004, 467 pages)
  7. Roof Construction and Loft Conversion (year 2006, 258 pages)
  8. Smart Thin-Walled Structures (year 1998, 841 pages)
  9. Space Grid Structures (year 2000, 191 pages)
  10. Structural Aspects of Building Conservation (year 2004, 367 pages)


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