Sabtu, 23 Desember 2017

Kumpulan E-Book 10

As the continuity of the e-book that we have previously uploaded, this time we provide you with 10 English books on concrete and masonry construction. They may be used as references and have been licensed for only educational purposes. Here is a list of books you can download. Hopefully they can give beneficial concept for us. Simply click on the following link.

Book list:
  1. Concrete and Masonry Databook (year 2003, 721 pages)
  2. Concrete Building Pathology (year 2003, 330 pages)
  3. Concrete Pavement Design Construction and Performance (year 2008, 389 pages)
  4. Concrete Pavement Design Guidance Notes (year 2007, 193 pages)
  5. Design for Construction (year 1997, 141 pages)
  6. Design of Masonry Structures (year 1997, 279 pages)
  7. Failed Stone Problems and Solutions with Concrete and Masonry (year 2002, 161 pages)
  8. Masonry Construction Manual (year 2001, 390 pages)
  9. Masonry Design and Detailing (year 2004, 584 pages)
  10. Soil and Rock Construction Materials (year 1998, 401 pages)

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